Bottle Opener by Blue Moose Metals (24 options)


SKU: 65155
  • Made in Montana
  • 100% 10-gauge steel
  • Sizes average between 4" to 5" long, but do vary by design
  • Each bottle opener comes in a bronze, silver, and torch patina. Please specify which patina you prefer. If it is out of stock, one will be chosen for you. 

Bring a little Montana flair to your next part with a Bottle Opener by Blue Moose Metals. When it is time to sit on the porch and drink a cold one, it is always nice to have a classy Montana bottle opener near at hand. These steel options are both sturdy and are made locally for an authentic practical piece of this great western state. This creative piece can hang on the fridge when not in use as it features a strong magnet on the back that won't be going anywhere. When you need to clean this bottle opener up, make sure that you hand wash it because putting it in the dishwasher will ruin the patina. And, you'll want this thing to look like this for many years to come! 

Blue Moose Metals makes all their products in Montana to give you a great and true Montana gift. Plus, their story couldn't be more Montana if they tried. It all started as a joke. In 2012, Kirk of Blue Moose Metals had fun creating bottle openers for his drinking buddies, shaping them into unique and interesting pieces that reminded him of each friend. However, as more and more people saw his work, they wanted a bottle opener for their own! Today, the whole family is involved! Kirk's wife Leslie helps fulfill all of their online orders and supply bottle openers to breweries and stores all over Montana. Get ready for your new favorite Bottle Opener by Blue Moose Metals.