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Bozeman Montana Canvas Magnet by Sunnie Lane


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  • Size: 3" inches by 5" inches
  • Made in USA
  • Canvas Wrapped

If you know Bozeman, you know that we are the home to Montana State University - home of the bobcats! That's why we love the Bozeman Montana Canvas Magnet by Sunnie Lane. The canvas wrapped Bozeman, Montana magnet features a bobcat crawling through the foreground of the forest. Behind this powerful scene are the Bridger Mountains where our famous M is. The M is a huge part our cities culture. It shows city pride for our University and for a beautiful state. Finishing the magnet is a stunning sunset, which is a very real possibility to see in Bozeman. We just love how powerful and accurate this magnet is at representing our cities beauty!

Sunnie Lane began pressing flowers in 1990. She was perfecting the flower pressed bookmark. As they grew in popularity, the realized they need more flowers! Growing space for their flowers in Arizona and Utah, Sunnie Lane began to expand the way they pressed their flowers. Now they make magnets, jewelry, and more! Starting with Grandma's knowledge of flower pressing, Sunnie Lane really became a wonderful company that combines beautiful fresh pressed flowers with tradition inspired techniques.