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Bozeman Montana Trees Card by KTF Designs


SKU: 81275


  • Made in Montana
  • Greeting card
  • Local design

When you come to visit Bozeman you want to share a little piece of it with your friends and family. So you want to grab a card to send to those people you care about, but you want to show the unique charm that Bozeman has to offer. KTF Designs has done the work for you by creating a truly unique card to represent the beautiful town we call home. Send this card anywhere or keep it at home as a reminder of your time spent in Bozeman.

KTF Designs is an art and design studio based in Butte, Montana. Their ultimate goal is offer their customers a way to continue to send heartfelt letters through the mailbox in a very personal way that show you care just a bit more than a simple quick text. We at the Montana Gift Corral like to work with KTF Designs, because of their hard work and love of design. We want to support a local artist and designer in the best way we can.