Brass Bells Ring Top Leather Strap by Belsnickel Enterprises (2 Colors)


SKU: 71337


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Bells modeled after the Lancaster Methodist bell
  • Made of hand-cut leather

There's nothing so beautiful as the tinkling of Christmas bells during the holiday season. Add a bit of whimsy and magic to your Christmas decorating with the Brass Bells Ring Top Leather Strap by Belsnickel Enterprises. Not gaudy or flashy, this is a classic way to add that special sound to your holiday celebrations. With every opening of a door to welcome Christmas guests or closing as you say goodbye after good food and good company, the sound that will accompany all of those joyous holiday memories is the sound of bells. Each leather strap contains three brass bells that are designed to look like the Lancaster Methodist bell, which was first commissioned in 1849.

Belsnickel Enterprises fondly refers to themselves as The Bell People because they specialize in one thing and one thing one: making bells! With zero sacrifices of quality, they have worked for decades with hand-cutting leather and affixing bells to create these unique pieces for your home. While great at Christmas, it might also be fun to place these bells on a door handle in your home year-round. In fact, Belsnickel Enterprises jokingly calls them a "Decorative Burglar Alarm". With one of these straps on your door, you'll surly know whenever someone exits or enters a room! So however you choose to use these jingle bells, our Brass Bells Ring Top Leather Strap by Belsnickel Enterprises will make a lovely addition to any home.