Brotherhood Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass


SKU: 75748


  • Measures 2"
  • Crafted from Glass

There is something about the color, design, and tone of these glass ornaments that feels good to just get lost staring at them, even on the screen. You can imagine how appealing they are in person! Though they are all completely different, each design has a similar effect. The Brotherhood Tree of Enchantment Ball exudes the warmth of family, and all people, coming together as one. With the varied shades of green and hints of blue, it feels like a representation of the tree of life. We are all connected, to the earth and each other. The stunning Brotherhood Tree of Enchantment Ball ornament serves as a lovely reminder of that sentiment, and simply as a piece of art. 

Kitras Art Glass is Canada's largest hot glass studio. All designs are meticulously created by artist Stephen Kitras. The company has remained family-owned, with Stephen's children being the driving force of bringing these magical glass ornaments into the marketplace. For more Kitras Art Glass products, click here!