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Brown Bat by Wishpets


Brand: Wishpets
SKU: 60497

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  • Measures 9" tall
  • Made for kids 3 years and up
  • Materials: plush

If you've ever been to Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park in Montana, you know how interesting and unique the bats are there. This Brown Bat by Wishpets is a fun and unique souvenir for the kids after a visit to Montana. Even if you don't get to visit our state and our wonderful parks, your child will enjoy this cute and cuddly bat. Wishpets prides itself on creating high-quality furry creatures to that your kids have them to squeeze and cuddle for years to come!

As bats are the only mammal with the ability to fly, there's a lot of really cool features to learn about them. When you give your kids this little stuffy, Bats are essential to the ecosystem as they eat bugs and keep them from overpopulating. In fact, they can eat up to 1,200 mosquitos in an hour! They also sometimes hibernate in caves during the winter, but of course, they like to sleep in caves when it's hot in the summer! That's why they are such a fun part of the tour through the Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park. So if your kid is a nature buff or just wants to get something cute from Montana, get them the Brown Bat by Wishpets!