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Buffalo Dream Catcher by El Paso Trading Post - 3 inches


SKU: 75232


  • 3 Inch Diameter
  • Made in Mexico
  • Native American Inspired

We all have bad dreams sometimes. If you are looking for a way to keep those nightmares away, why not choose a way that has been around for centuries. The Buffalo Dream Catcher by El Paso Trading Post is great for catching your bad dreams so they never bother you again! Although today's dreamcatchers are made to last, they were originally made to fall apart. Dreamcatchers are cleansed by sunlight so make sure that you put yours in the sun once in a while so that the negative energy can evaporate. 

If you weren't aware, dreamcatchers originate from Native American culture. 
Dreamcatchers were first historically noted around 1929 in the Native American tribe of Ojibwe. The legend is that as people made their way to the four corners of North America, Asibikaashi the spider woman who protected children from bad dreams couldn’t get to each bed every night, so the women of the tribe wove magic webs and hung them over the cradleboards. We love to celebrate Native American culture here in Montana, so sharing that with people all over the nation is a goal of ours. 

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