Buffalo Yellowstone National Park Wine Topper by Tangico


Brand: Tangico
SKU: 80125


  • Wood Top
  • Rubber Stop
  • Montana Inspired

Keep your wine as fresh as you can with our Buffalo Yellowstone National Park wine topper. This design is a low profile wine topper, so you can fit your wine back in the fridge if necessary. Wood burned on the top of this topper is a sweet buffalo to memorialize our countries first ever National Park, Yellowstone. We love how simple yet stunning this wine topper is. 

Yellowstone National Park is known to be the first National Park ever. We are biased and think it is also the most beautiful National Park ever. If you have been to this great state's park, you know it deserves to be remembered forever. That is why we sell the highest quality souvenirs to commemorate the parks beauty to have and to hold when you leave the park and go back to your everyday lives.