Bugling Elk and Sleeping Grizzlies by Shirley Craighead


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  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0762728640

Getting kids involved in outdoor initiatives early in life is crucial and Bugling Elk and Sleeping Grizzlies by Shirley Craighead does just that. Perfect for readers aged 8-12, this paperback book combines important information about Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park with color photographs for visual stimulation. Young readers will be excited to learn things like why bull elk bugle, what birds eat in the national parks, what happens in a bear den, and so much more! This book is such a wonderful way to get kids involved to reading about America's national parks and helping them understand the wild ecosystem that is so crucial to this country.

Shirley Craighead is from Moose, Wyoming, so she definitely knows what it's like to grow up next to one of the country's most unique natural landscapes. This book is based on one of the works of her late husband, Dr. Frank Craighead. His book, titled For Everything there is a Season, was inspired by the detailed journaling of his excursions into the park as they hiked, fished, explored, and recorded the movements of the flora and fauna of Yellowstone. In part as a memory to him, she turned that work into something for kids to enjoy as well. Your avid little reader will love Bugling Elk and Sleeping Grizzlies by Shirly Craighead!