Burlap Apron with Pockets by Alaska Wild and Free (4 Styles)


SKU: 81290


  • Materials: burlap
  • Made in Alaska
  • Features original art from Kristi Trimmer

Express your style while you cook when you're sporting this Burlap Apron with Pockets by Alaska Wild and Free! This burlap apron is all about utility while also looking cool! The beauty of burlap is that it's both light and sturdy. You can wear it with ease while you maneuver around the kitchen doing your thing. But, if you get stains or food on it (as all good cooks do), not to worry. These aprons are designed to get you through all that typical wear and tear. Combine in with the unique designs of Kristi Timmer, and you have an apron you can be happy wearing while you whip up dinner for your guests.

Kristi Trimmer is a creative based in Anchorage, Alaska. Her talents are varied, as she's a professional writer, artist, photographer, and illustrator. Combing her love of the beauty and freedom of Alaska, she uses her photography as the base for her illustrations, As is evident, she is deeply inspired by the wild beauty and endless wide open spaces of Alaska, and those are also some of the best characteristics of Montana. We're certain you'll love the beautiful artwork displayed on this apron as you whip up a delicious meal. Whichever design you choose to wear, this Burlap Apron with Pockets by Alaska Wild and Free is sure to be a fast favorite in your kitchen!