Busy Moms by Jennifer Bove


SKU: 78339


  • Written by Jennifer Bove
  • 32 pages
  • Paperback

There is truly nothing cuter than baby animals. If you have been searching for a fun-filled kids book, that is sure to make your kiddos smile, you need to grab Busy Moms by Jennifer Bove. This adorable book features full-color photographs, illustrations, and educational text that will encourage your young ones to learn about the natural world that surrounds them. This simple book is great for beginners and is an excellent way to learn about animal babies and their extremely busy mothers. How adorable!

Jennifer Bove, the author behind this fun-filled book, is an author best known for her variety of nature and outdoor-inspired children's books. Jennifer Boves's background in field biology has allowed her to see various exotic animals including elephant seals, sandhill cranes, salmon, and snakes. Wow! Now residing in Wyoming, take a journey with Bove and learn about a plethora of babies animals, and their loving moms!

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