Big Ass Brick of Soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co.

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  • 10 oz. 
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for clowns

Duke Cannon's idea of a great night does not involve going to that fancy vegan juice bar downtown or binge-watching vampire dramas on the internet. If you can tell where we are going with this, Duke Cannon's perfect night is under a starry sky, by the light of a glowing campfire, where stories are told without emojis and memories are made without selfies. We couldn't agree more because we Montanans love being outside! The Big Ass Brick of Soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co. features and array of wonderful scents inspired by the great outdoors and being a manly man, a guy's guy, one of the dudes. This soap is great for giving you that scent that makes you feel fresh, clean, and beefy all day long.   

In appreciation of the men and women who have served our country, Duke Cannon Supply Co. donates a portion of its proceeds to veterans' causes! As a company, Duke Cannon Supply Co. commits itself to making products that are rooted in their strong company values. They make body products for men who work hard and play hard, who value family and community, and smell the best! Whether for yourself or for that stinky outdoor-loving man in your life, get ready for the experience of the Big Ass Brick of Soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co.

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