Cardinal Fabric Christmas Stocking by Transpac Imports


SKU: 82794


  • Polyester
  • 13.25" L x 0.75" W x 22.00" H
  • Designs include a stocking with two berries and a stocking with three berries. Please note desired design in order comments. If it happens to be out of stock, the other design will be chosen for you.

When Christmas comes around and the decorations make their way out, imagine hanging a stocking with a cardinal perched on a mistletoe. Stockings are one of those decorations you can't have more of.  Each year you can go through different styles of stockings. Seeing a cardinal is said to bring you very good luck, a sign of loyalty, or even a spiritual message. So why not have a cardinal in your home every day, to bring you the good luck that is promised with seeing one. The holidays are the perfect time to bring around decorations that have good meaning and will make lasting memories.

Transpac Imports is the industry leader when it comes to making quality products. They have been serving the gifting industry since 1995 and continue to make a good name for themselves, and they plan on continuing that image for as long as they can! We at the Montana Gift Corral enjoy working with Transpac Imports because of their exceptional service and dedication to the gifting industry.