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Carving Set by K.S. Antler


SKU: 79599


  • Made in Montana
  • Made of real antler
  • Perfect for Thanksgiving

Put a little rustic charm on your dinner table with this Carving Set by K.S. Antler. Made in Montana and made from an authentic antler shed, this set would look absolutely beautiful carving through that Thanksgiving turkey or cutting up that roast for Christmas dinner. With an extra-long knife and pronged meat fork, you'll look great carving up delicious proteins for the whole crew at your next big meal. If you're a hunter or someone who loves the look of unique antler cutlery, this is definitely the set for you! Bust it out on special occasions or use it every day if you like! 

K.S. Antler is owned, operated, and created all by a husband and wife duo from Laurel, Montana. Together, they venture out into the best-kept secret places of Montana hunting for all sorts of natural antler shed. With. With access to public lands and a few handshakes with some local ranches, they can get deer, elk, and even the occasional moose paddle! Once they've gathered their fill, they take it home to carve and create these beautiful pieces of art. And that's the thing to remember: these sets are really functional pieces of art. We can't wait to see what types of meat you cut up with your Carving Set by K.S. Antler.