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Leather Buffalo Keychain by The Leather Store


SKU: 12425


  • Approx. 3” x 2”
  • Leather
  • Please remember to mention what color(s) you prefer in the comments section of your order and we will do our best to respect your request. Please note if a color is not selected we will select one for you. 

Carry a little bit of Montana with you wherever you go with a Leather Buffalo Keychain by The Leather Store. Handmade out of real buffalo leather, this keychain is durable but also a beautiful way to connect your memories and love for the state of Montana to everything you do in a day. Each keychain is cut and sewn by hand, and then using their embossing process they imprint the silhouette of a bison on the leather. Each keychain is finished with a durable gold key ring so that you can hang a range of necessary keys and other important tools you'll need throughout the day! With a selection of subtle colors, this isn't a bright or gaudy key ring. This is something that you'll treasure as a keepsake of Montana.

The Leather Store got its beginnings all the way back in 1969 with what was deemed The Original Buffalo Wallet. Still made in Montana to this day, every piece that comes from this company is made with quality, care, and that dedication to representing Montana in their craftsmanship. They take great pride in what they call the leathercraft, adhering to old-school traditions while also continuing to update and expand what they do with leather each day. If there's one thing we wish for you, it's that you could smell through your computer screen because the scent of this beautiful leather is something truly special. You'll just have to smell it yourself with this Leather Buffalo Keychain by The Leather Store!