Chocolate River Rocks by Huckleberry Haven (2 sizes)


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  • Milk chocolate with a candy shell
  • Made in Montana
  • Ingredients: sugar, cocoa paste, whole milk, maltodextrin, calcium carbonate, lecithin, artificial colors (Blue #1, Blue #2, and Yellow #5)

Imagine the colorful rocks of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. They are a well-known photographic hot spot because of the unique colors and clearness of the lake . But have you ever thought about eating them? Well, now you can! These Chocolate River Rocks by Huckleberry Haven will satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking them. Made of colorfully coated milk chocolate, these river rocks are a delicious reminder of those stunning stones that decorate the shallows of the lakes in Glacier! These are a wonderful treat to include in any of your personalized gift basket making or as a way to bring someone home a piece of Montana who couldn't come visit our beautiful state. Sure, you could get them rocks. But, it would be even better if you got them edible rocks! 

Huckleberry Haven is a family-owned business based in Kalispell, Montana. Having been in business since 1987, Huckleberry Haven has worked hard to produce delicious, high-quality snacks for Montanans and people who just love our state. They follow time-honored recipes and mix ingredients in small batches in order to produce rich flavors in all of their treats. They are most famous for their classic huckleberry jam, but they also create a wide range of goodies including candy bars, gummy bears, and even some lotions and candles. Above all, they just want to provide wonderful items that make you think of and fall in love with Montana. We wouldn't recommend eating real rocks, but we would definitely recommend eating Chocolate River Rocks by Huckleberry Haven!