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Chrome Cobbled Beverage Dispenser by Funky Rock (4 Colors)


Brand: Funky Rock
SKU: 66445
  • Made of quarried granite with beach stone handle
  • Dispenser is made of stainless steel
  • Measures 4" x 4" x 6"
  • 11lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Color, size, and shape may vary between each dispenser

Class up your home bar with this Chrome Cobbled Beverage Dispenser by Funky Rock. This natural stone drink dispenser will fit any standard-size glass bottle, and make amazing additions to any bar setup. Aside from being beautiful, this stone liquor dispenser is such a fun conversation piece for family gatherings and cocktail parties. Place a bottle of your favorite whiskey, vodka, or rum in the dispenser and you can have the necessities for your favorite cocktail on hand and easy to use at all times. 

All of Funky Rock Design’s products are made from all-natural stones, making each product one-of-a-kind. So when you're having company over and pouring them delicious cocktails, you can enjoy the fact that no one else has the exact same dispenser as you! All of Funky Rock's items are handcrafted in Maine and finished with a stainless steel dispenser. This makes such a wonderful gift for anyone pursuing the creation of a fantastic home bar or looking for a little rustic maximalism in their home. Wherever you choose to set this stone drink dispenser, we can't wait to have you fall in love with the Chrome Cobbled Beverage Dispenser by Funky Rock. 

Add to your dispenser with a Short Cobble Stand or a Tall Cobble Stand with Steel Bar to complete your look!