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Coaster Stand by G.P. Originals


SKU: 78322


  • Size - 3" inches x 2.4" inches
  • Holds 4 coasters
  • Women Owned

A cluttered space doesn't leave room for a happy and healthy mind. Taking pride in what you own and giving every little thing it's own space and place is key to staying clutter-free in your home. With the Coaster Stand by G.P. Originals, re-home and organize your living room coasters so they are always easy to find. Standing in order, your coasters become a beautiful accessory to your living room as they sit idle, waiting to be used. When it comes time to use the coasters, you will know exactly where they are, making your life more manageable. 

Based in the Rocky Mountain region of Littleton, Colorado, G.P. Originals sets them apart from other companies by offering unique products created with you in mind. Their fun art takes the mundane and blends it together with art and nature, making it into beautiful and functional merchandise.  Using their own original paintings, photos, and graphics and fuse them with materials such as glass, fabric, wood, or metal to get stunning yet usable products like coasters, cutting boards, and ornaments.