Color Maple Stickers by Dust City Designs (17 Designs)


SKU: 76753


  • Made in Colorado
  • Measures approx. 3"
  • Made from Maple

Showcase your style with eco-friendly Color Maple Stickers by Dust City Designs. Take your decorating game to the next level and show off with fun and funky designs made of real wood. This isn't like a vinyl or a plastic sticker that will stay in a landfill years after it's worn out. Dust City Designs is focused on the environmental impact from start to finish in the making of these stickers. It begins with sustainably sourced wood. Every piece of wood used in making these stickers is FCS certified. Even the packaging is biodegradable. It is cellophane, which will disintegrate in the outdoors, leaving no trace that anything was ever there. 

Dust City works with unique and fun artists to get their work printed on these fun stickers. The maple wood is a lighter, blonder base to really make those colors pop. Using a laser and a printer, each design is skillful cut out of a wood sheet. They are then finished with hand sanding and a protective clear coat to make sure wherever you plant your sticker, it'll last a long time. And don't worry about your stickers peeling off. With a 3M adhesive backing, these babies will work on any surface you've got! So have a little fun and decorate with a Color Maple Sticker by Dust City Designs!