Copper Wildlife with Swirl Ornament by Roseworks MT (4 Styles)


SKU: 45904


  • Heated to create unique color scheme
  • Measures approx. 4" wide and 4 1/2" tall
  • Made in Bigfork, Montana
  • Materials: heavy gauge copper and black cord

Combine your love of art with your love of holiday decorating with the Copper Wildlife with Swirl Ornament by RoseworksMT. Crafted with an artistic rendering of each animal, any of these Montana-made ornaments are finished with a hand-hammered copper swirl, just to give these ornaments a unique artistic enhancement. John Rose, the artist extraordinaire behind all the RoseworksMT pieces, hand-cuts heavy gauge copper and then goes through the meticulous process of hammering and shaping every single piece to get the beautiful design you see here. Once he has it just the way he wants it, the copper is heated to give the beautiful coloring of yellow, purple, blue, and hints of green.

That means no two Christmas ornaments are ever alike! Each ornament is then finished with a black cord so that you can hang this on your Christmas tree, garland, or other Christmas decor. Actually, because these beautiful Montana ornaments are timeless, they could actually hang in your home beyond the holiday season because they do make a handsome piece of home decor for any occasion! John has been working with metal since he was young and got his start as a welder and fabricator. Once he saw how beautiful copper looked once heated, he decided to translate it into artwork, such as these beautiful ornaments. Bring a little wildlife into your home with the Copper Wildlife with Swirl Ornament by Roseworks MT!