Cottonwood Triple Bangle Bracelet by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company


SKU: 73997


  • Real Birch Leaves
  • 24K Gold, Fine Silver, and Iridescent Copper
  • Anti-Tarnish Finish on Silver

Cottonwood trees stand tall in the rocky mountains and an ever-present part of the landscape. Their sizeable frames and distinct shape make them stand out from their evergreen and aspen neighbors. Cottonwood tree leaves dramatically change color each season. Along with its subtle and natural elegance, the color and design of the Cottonwood Triple Bangle Bracelet beautifully represent the iconic cottonwood tree.

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company, a business ran in Aspen Colorado, is well known for their nature-inspired jewelry designs.  Their unique pieces are crafted from real leaves, cones, and acorns.  This company highly values encasing nature to provide forever keepsakes.  This process involves dissolving the organic tissue, and coating the pieces in a layer of high-quality metal such as 24K Gold, Fine Silver, and Iridescent Copper! Click here to see our full collection of jewelry by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company.