Cuddlekins Mini by Wild Republic (2 Styles)


SKU: 78904


  • Measures about 8" long
  • Soft & Durable Plush Fabric
  • 2 Detailed & Realistic Wildlife Designs

Say hello to Cuddlekins Mini by Wild Republic! This 8" pal is perfect for family adventures and snuggles on the couch. Its durable, realistic design and oh-so-soft texture are sure to make these wildlife-inspired plushies your kid's new BFF. Plus, it's easy to clean and child-safe! Don't wait - grab your Cuddlekins Mini and start making memories!

We're passionate about the Cuddlekins Mini and Wild Republic's efforts to improve the world. Partnering with foundations all over the world, Wild Republic does things like safeguarding abandoned animals and enriching the lives of disadvantaged children. Your purchase of their quality products helps contribute to these fantastic organizations. Let's thank them together!

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