Dark Brown Paperboard Gift Basket


SKU: 74508


  • Measures 6" long, 5 1/2" wide, and 8 1/4" tall
  • Brown embossed paperboard
  • Die-cut handles on each side

Looking for the perfect container for a classic gift basket? Look no further than the Dark Brown Paperboard Gift Basket by Wald Imports. While this little paperboard basket might seem simple and unassuming, it's what you fill it with that makes it so special. From delicious huckleberry goodies to luxurious lotions and bath salts, we're certain that you'll create a gift that really is worth giving to someone special. We love a good gift basket that can double as something else once it's given, and that's exactly what you'll get in this gift basket. The receiver of your gift can use them for storage at home, or as a cute way to display items in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

We work Wald Imports to provide fine gift baskets because we want to give you something that will really last, while also providing the best presentation for your hand-selected items. Wald has been in the gift basket industry for over 40 years. They look for really unique items because they know how special it can be to give a gift to someone. While the basket shouldn't be the star of the show, it has to be something to hold all your precious choices in. So from food to ornaments, candles, and so much more, present your gifts in this Dark Brown Paperboard Gift Basket!