Dean Crouser Herb Planter Set by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 77234


  • 9.5"w x 3"h
  • 10 oz. 
  • Drainage hole and dish included
  • Stoneware

Adding fresh herbs to your meals is so easy when you can grow them yourself! Bring the beauty of gardening to your kitchen with the Dean Crouser Herb Planter Set by Demdaco. Dean’s signature colors splash onto the backdrops of these planter sets sized for cultivating herbs! All three of the planters come with a drainage hole and grouped on a ceramic tray. Grow parsley, mint, basil and more in three pots for an uplifting addition to the kitchen. These make a great housewarming gift as they bring the wonder of nature into any home and provide a useful function! 

The wonderful thing about planters is that you can grow whatever you want in them! You can put succulents, herbs, flowers, you name it! If you enjoy Dean Crouser's artistic style, these would make a great addition to any room. Growing plants can be so rewarding because there is nothing like the feeling of using fresh ingredients!  So when it comes to functional art, there's nothing better than a Dean Crouser Herb Planter by Demdaco!