Dean Crouser PeeWee Collection Coneflower Pitcher by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 81888


  • Made of stoneware
  • Holds 50 oz.
  • Measures 4 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" in diameter, and 9" tall

You can't have a perfect backyard picnic without the perfect pitcher! Get all those springtime vibes with this Dean Crouser PeeWee Collection Coneflower Pitcher by Demdaco. First, it's made from stoneware which has a number of benefits when it comes to serving. If you're giving your guests a delicious hot tea, stoneware will retain heat evenly so you can pour your guests fresh drinks while you spend hours together catching up. Plus, it's a completely toxin-free substance with no lead or chemical coatings so you can fill it and let it sit without any worries. While you enjoy the splendor and beauty of your backyard, appreciate the beautiful tablescape you've created with this pitcher.

Dean Crouser is an extremely unique watercolor artist. Living in Oregon, he is constantly finding inspiration in the beauty around him, whether it be on camping trips with his family, fishing trips to Montana, or simply watching the flora and fauna of his own backyard. When he translates what he sees into his artwork, it's very free-form. He describes it as letting the brush sort of take him wherever it may and watching the image unfold. There's not a lot of preparation or desire to color within the lines. Because of his popularity, he has now partnered with Demdaco to reproduce his work on a wide range of items. This allows you to bring his beautiful watercolor art into your home in some many different ways. Serve up the most delicious drinks with this Dean Crouser PeeWee Collection Coneflower Pitcher by Demdaco.