Dean Crouser Songbird Magnet by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 77177


  • Price is per individual magnet. Your choices are bluebird, nuthatch and berries, and chickadee and fern. Please mention your desired magnet in the order comments. If it is out of stock, one will be selected for you. If no choice is given, we will choose one for you! 
  • 3" square
  • Made of stoneware

There's something so special about the art of Dean Crouser. So special in fact, you'll want to display it in every room of your home in any way possible. With a Dean Crouse Songbird Magnet by Demdaco, any plain old metal surface can suddenly become a work of art. As a talented watercolor artist, Dean's work portrays the vibrancy and freeform that nature can take. On a compact magnet, it's nice to be able to look up from your laptop or glance over from your workbench and see that little pop of natural color. In addition, these magnets are durable and strong so they can hold up any important document you might need hung in front of you! It's functional art with style!

Dean Crouser is an avid outdoorsman who takes so much of his inspiration from his adventures and the natural world around him. Living in Oregon, sometimes all it takes is a step into his own backyard to find a new creature or flower to turn into artwork. His style of painting is very freeform and flowing. He often starts with just a vision, no big plan, and lets the brush strokes take him where they may. The end result is a stunning piece of watercolor art that you can take home for yourself. By partnering with Demdaco, he's allowed his work to be shared all across the globe. Brighten up any fridge or file cabinet with any Dean Crouser Songbird Magnet by Demdaco!