Death in Glacier National Park by Randi Minetor


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  • 240 pages
  • Published by Lyons Press
  • Paperback

You may have read books about how wonderful and stunning Glacier National Park is, and those books are 100% true! This being said, Glacier National Park has a dark side that tends to not get mentioned. In reality, about 260 lives have been lost in this infamous park. If this information intrigues you, you need to get your hands on Death in Glacier National Park by Randi Minetor. This predictably morbid book dives deep into the fatalities taking place at famous locations around the park and is sure to give a feeling of unease. From murders to climbing accidents, and everything in between, pick up this fascinating book to get your deadly fix!

Born and raised in New York, Randi Minetor first discovered her deep love for national parks in 1992. This passion stemmed from her travels with her photographer/lighting designer Nic Minetor. After her first trip, she made a pact with her husband that they would visit all 391 (now 423) national parks. Minetor has now written over 50 books detailing her travels and adventures throughout her lifetime.

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