Death & Survival in Glacier National Park by C.W. Guthrie & Dan and Ann Fagre


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  •  314 pages
  • Includes maps and charts of greater Glacier area
  • Complete chronology of all recorded deaths within Glacier Park
  • 15 page-turning stories of death and survival

“My parents had drummed into my head never to run from a grizzly. So there I stood as my four companions ran for the trees.”

 - From Chapter Thirteen: Lions and Wolves and Bears, Oh My

From fearsome animals to sheer cliffs, suffocating avalanches, turbulent rivers and more, these gripping accounts of human wit and will are true page turners for those brave enough to read them! Alongside the enduring adventurers, this book details the heroic actions of Montana’s search-and-rescue professionals who have their lives on the line daily to protect those who run into misfortune among Glacier National Park’s vast wilderness expanses. Writers C.W. Guthrie, Dan Fagre, and Ann Fagre are all local Glacier experts who have been involved in a scrap or two themselves. This fascinating read includes several maps, charts, and graphs of the larger Glacier area, as well as the most complete and detailed chronological list of all 296 recorded deaths within the park’s limits ever compiled.

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