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Denni-Jo and Pinto by Buck Buchanan


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  • Written and published in Montana
  • 32 pages
  • Beautiful custom-designed illustrations

Here's the tale of Denni-Jo and Pinto by Buck Buchanan. Denni-Jo is a spirited young cowgirl. With permission from her mom and dad, she sets out with her trusty horse Pinto to ride across the family ranch to visit her grandparents. But, the ride is fraught with adventure and challenge. No worries there! Denni-Jo and Pinto can get through it together! This is a wonderful children's story about a Montana ranch girl whose heart and mind are determined to succeed. Kids everywhere can rally around her exciting tale!

Buck Buchanan taught science to middle schoolers in Montana for 22 years. During that time he has also been a member of www.Twang, a famous local Montana band beloved by country music fans. The story of Denni-Jo was born when a real cowgirl asked for a song to be written about her. He played it for her, and continued to think about the legacy of family ranches, which inspired this book. Read Denni-Jo and Pinto by Buck Buchanan to your kids for a rip-roarin' Montana storytime!