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Did You Know Dino? Hell Creek by Andy Cruz


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  • Hand drawn art
  • As realistic as can be
  • Guide book meets comic book style

 For the curious minds in the world, there is a book that brings learning and comics into one! This book by Rextooth Studios is the best way to teach kids, teens and even adults about dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period in North America! There are pages filled with different Dinos and the traits that set them apart from others, along with compelling stories that put you in their world! 

Rextooth Studios is one of the best books that teach people about different prehistoric animals and their time period in a fun engaging way to keep readers turning those pages. We at the Montana Gift Corral are passionate about learning and want to help others stay curious about all sorts of different topics, and we are glad that Rextooth Studios helps spread that curiosity!