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Dinos in a Jar Sticker Set by Krystal Gonzalez


SKU: 80531


  • Includes 6 adorable stickers
  • Art by Krystal Gonzalez
  • Made in the USA

Who said that dinosaurs have to be big, mean and scary? Krystal Gonzalez brings her adorable illustrations to life and brightens your day every time you look at them. The Dinos in a Jar Set by Krystal Gonzalez lets you decorate your belongings with prehistoric cuteness! From dinosaurs to present day sea creatures and land mammals, stickers by Krystal Gonzalez are made by teaming up with Rextooth Studios to bring her illustrations to people across the globe!

Rextooth Studios is an educational publishing company geared towards showing the world a side of nature not always talked about. They are scientific in their approach but they love to educate through the eyes of prehistoric and modern day animals. They offer books, puzzles, stickers, and so much more so there is something for everyone. Krystal Gonzalez' clean and polished illustrations bring a unique approach to these larger-than-life creatures. We love them!

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