Diplomat Checkbook Cover by The Leather Store (3 colors)


SKU: 43106


  • Measures 6.75" by 3.5" closed
  • Made in Montana
  • 3 card pockets and a checkbook pocket

Time to get organized! a Diplomat Checkbook Cover from The Leather Store will help you keep all your day-to-day needs organized and within reach. There's nothing more frustrating that going to the store and having to dig through your purse or pockets to find your money. It makes you uncomfortable in line as the time and the search drag on. Now, you can pull up to the cash register, flip open this beautiful buffalo wallet, and pay with ease. Even if you don't carry a checkbook with you, the extra long pocket can be a great place to store your folding money. Made in Montana with durability and heartiness in mind, this checkbook cover is certain to last through the years.

The Leather Store is a Montana institution that has been handcrafting fine leather goods for over 40 years. You can be sure that you're getting a top quality product from there, as they've maintained high standards for all of their buffalo leather goods through the years. With each wallet, you can take pride in holding something completely handmade - every cut of the leather to every stitch and even their trademark buffalo stamp is done by hand. Based in Helena, Montana, what started as a one-man operation selling at small markets has become a family-run business with heritage. If you're looking for high-quality organization in your buffalo wallet, look no further than the Diplomat Checkbook Cover by The Leather Store!