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Dog Antler Chews by Yellowstone River Trading (4 sizes)


SKU: 54908


  • Made in the USA
  • All-natural elk, deer, or moose shed
  • While grouped by size, there can still be variety in the length and width of the antler pieces. Because they are simply found in nature, we do not have control over consistency of size.
  • Small and medium chews comes with 2/bag; large and XL chews come with 1/bag

What's the best dog chew for your dog? We recommend these Dog Antler Chews by Yellowstone River Trading! Unlike typical toys, ropes, and chews that might be filled with cheap filling and run the danger of making your dog sick if ingested, antler dog chews are completely natural because they are made by nature. Yellowstone River Trading adds nothing to these antlers. They simply scour the forests, prairies, and meadows looking for all the antler sheds, and then cut them down to size! This is great because now your dog can spend hours chewing without making big mess in the house and also taking in good minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc. These antler chews also don't splinter; they just wear down as your dog works on them!

Yellowstone River Trading is a husband and wife company, and they do all the work themselves. Their products are all made in the USA and all of their shed is found in regional areas frequented by wildlife. All cutting and shaping of their antler pieces is done by them, and they even laser engrave some of their items as well as dabble in woodworking. This team works so hard to create all of their items, and they even hand deliver all of their pieces to us. Because of the care we know they take with their antler work, we love to be able to provide something high quality and fun for your pups to enjoy! Turn your dogs loose with Dog Antler Chews by Yellowstone River Trading and they will be happy for hours!