Dona Gelsinger Angel of Love and Light Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 75569


  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Hand-painted from the inside
  • Measures 6" long and 2 3/4" wide

When you look at this Dona Gelsinger Angel of Love and Light Ornament by Inner Beauty, you can feel the brightness from it. Can you imagine this tucked into the branches of your Christmas tree under the beautiful glowing lights? She would sparkle and shine so perfectly. Each Inner Beauty ornament follows the ancient tradition of hand-painting from the inside. Starting with clear, mouth-blown glass and a special set of bent brushes, the intricacies of each stroke of the brush can be seen inside the glass. What makes this style of painting even more difficult is the fact that the artist must think about the painting in reverse. First, the eyes and small dress details must be painted, then the face, and so on until the picture is finished with the background. Truly stunning!

Every Inner Beauty ornament is packaged and shipped to you in the most beautiful maroon velvet and satin box. The interior is molded to the shape of the glass, so you can use the box for storage when this ornament isn't hanging on your tree. It is also finished with an antique gold cord and tassel. This is adjustable in order to fit whatever type of hanger you might need for this ornament. Dona Gelsinger is an artist with over 25 years of experience and her work can be seen all across the globe. We know you're going to love this Dona Gelsinger Angel of Love and Light Ornament once you hang it from your tree this holiday season!