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Drunk Santa by Oak Street Wholesale


SKU: 79210


  • Approx. 10 1/4" long
  • Fits most wine bottles
  • Soft and pliable

What happens when Santa gets into the holiday spirits? You get Drunk Santa by Oak Street Wholesale! Okay, okay, so maybe Santa doesn't always imbibe, but we sure hope he has a cocktail after his long night of delivering presents. This little Santa gnome has a homey, rustic appeal to him. In his long hat and red overalls, he's going to make you smile every time you look at him. He definitely has a little junk in his trunk, but it all adds to his charm! Now, this isn't any old, regular Christmas decoration. This Santa buddy is meant to hang on your wine bottles!

That's right; when you're hosting a dinner party with an array of delicious wines, pick the one you love and hang Drunk Santa around the neck! Or, if you're attending a party, he is a very fun way to distinguish the bottle of wine you give to the host! It's something special added to the thank you gift. As part of the collection from Oak Street Wholesale, you'll get that cheeky little gnome look we've come to love from there. White beard, bulbous nose, and eyes and mouth tucked away in his hair. Whether you give him as a gift or keep him for yourself, Drunk Santa by Oak Street Wholesale is destined to be the talk of the party!