Earth at Night MOVA Globe


SKU: 84687


  • Measures 4.5"
  • MOVA Earth Globe
  • Turns Using Ambient Light

See our planet in an all-new way with the Earth at Night MOVA Globe. Measuring 4.5", this globe turns using ambient light, showcasing over 400 NASA satellite images of our planet. From the dark landscapes to stunning oceans, and of course, the glow of cities and human civilization, this globe is sure to add a unique touch to any space! 

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are huge fans of MOVA Globes! These world globes come in a variety of stunning designs and are powered solely by natural or artificial light, eliminating the need for batteries or cords. As MOVA expertly puts it, their globes exemplify the perfect rotation of inner and outer layers, creating a mesmerizing sight powered solely by the forces of nature. Get yours today, and take in the unique features of this MOVA earth!