Eastern Bluebird Audubon Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic


SKU: 78922


  • Measures approx. 5"
  • Realistic Eastern Bluebird sound & design
  • Filling on all birds is made from spun recycled water bottles.
  • Squeeze to hear them chirp!

The Eastern Bluebird is not a common bird found in Montana, however we couldn't help but have this vibrant little guy in our stores! The Eastern Bluebird Audubon Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic and the other Audubon birds are perfect for teaching about birds. You can collect all the species you identify in your backyard or on hikes! How cool! 

Wild Republic, the company behind the Audubon range of bird stuffed animals, strives to maximize the positive impact made on customers, our community and our planet! In addition to only offering products of the highest quality, Wild Republic is passionate about its earth-friendly practices. To comply with social standards, this company uses reusable packing, phthalate-free non-toxic materials, and sustainable resources, so its safe for all the little bluebirds!

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