Enamelware Mug Candle by Montana Farmhouse Candles - 4 oz (4 scents)


SKU: 82370


  • 4 oz Mug Candle
  • Available in 4 Scents
  • Made in Montana
  • These mug candles are available in three colors. Blue, black, or green. Please note your desired color in the order comments. If the color you choose is not available, another will be chosen for you!

Experience the charm of Montana with our Enamelware Mug Candle by Montana Farmhouse Candles. Handcrafted in Montana, these 4 oz mug candles are crafted from natural soy wax and are available in 4 MT-inspired scents. Choose from blue, black, or green mugs to add a touch of rustic beauty to your space!

 Montana Farmhouse Candles is passionate about creating warm and inviting environments while reducing the "consume and discard" mentality. Made with all-natural soy wax and infused with natural fragrances, these 4 oz Montana candles create a relaxing ambiance perfect for any occasion. Each candle is handcrafted with quality wicks and repurposed classic vessels, making them the perfect gift for those who appreciate sustainability and cherish meaningful moments!