End of the Ice Age by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 78082


  • Author/Illustrator Ted Rechlin
  • Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • 96 Pages
More than two million years ago the earth plunged into a deep freeze. Vast ice sheets formed in the north - sometimes two miles thick - and shaped life around the globe. But now, something is happening to the mountains of ice - the world is warming… and life is beginning to change. End of Ice Age by Ted Rechlin follows a family of Saber Cats as they hunt for their survival. This graphic novel lets you experience the epic battles of Dire Wolves, Mammoths, Woolly Rhinoceroses, and Giant Sloths, all struggling for survival in the dangerous time of the Ice Age. 
Ted Rechlin, an award winning author and illustrator, loves bringing you back to the prehistoric times! Rechlin is known for creating fun and beautiful graphic novels that help make learning about history accessible. He makes cool stories that are supported by scientific study, which not only makes reading these graphic novels fun, but educational as well. We love Ted Rechlin's art style; full of color, motion and accuracy. If you want a fun way to learn more about the world's oldest creature, Rextooth Studios has you covered.
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