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Epsilon: A Yellowstone Wolf Story by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 78099
  • Written and illustrated by Ted Rechlin
  • 48 Pages
  • Recommended age: 3-18 years

When Epsilon, a wolf in Yellowstone National Park, was just a pup, he tragically lost his parents in a gruesome battle with a rival wolf pack. Luckily, he and his littermate escaped, however, they had to learn how to survive in a competitive area all on their own. Follow along with Epsilon and his sister, as they fight to learn how to hunt, and grow up in the stunning landscape of YNP. Epsilon: A Yellowstone Wolf Story, a graphic novel written and beautifully illustrated by Ted Rechlin, is both entertaining and educational. Learn all about the fascinating wolves that inhabit Yellowstone National Park, and their constant battle at surviving in a fierce ecosystem! 

Ted Rechlin, the author and illustrator behind this awesome graphic novel, is passionate about making his wildest dreams come to life. You can often find Ted writing exhilarating books about wolves, sharks, monsters, and even prehistoric creatures. Cool! Based in Bozeman, MT, this Montana local knows the in and outs of Yellowstone National Park and offers educational insights in each of his fun books. 

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