Etched Red Wine Glass by Lester Lou Designs (10 designs)


SKU: 80443


  • 20 oz
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Red Wine Glass

Do you prefer a dry cabernet sauvignon, juicy merlot, or even a bold Shiraz? No matter which type of red wine you like best, we have the perfect glassware to make your sipping experience that much more enjoyable! The Etched Red Wine Glass by Lester Lou Designs allows you to sip in style, with 10 different Montana-inspired designs to choose from. Featuring the classic round rim of any high-quality red wine glass, you can rest assured knowing that you will smell every delicious note of your favorite red blend. These awesome vessels hold up to 20 oz of your favorite red wine because if there is one thing we know for sure, it's that too much red wine is never enough! 

Leslie Swenson, a creative individual based right here in Bozeman, MT, is the artist and designer behind our collection of lovely Lester Lou Designs products! Leslie found her passion in offering a variety of curated and personalized gifts, including her famous glass etching. As she puts it, "I have always been one to savor my drinks, whether it be coffee, tea, beer or wine so I started glass etching so I could share the everyday feeling of contentment that holding those glasses brings". 

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