Evelyn Cameron: Montana's Frontier Photographer by Kristi Hager


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  • 120 pages featuring 117 images
  • Size - 9" inches by 8" inches
  • Evelyn Cameron photography

Are you looking for an interesting Coffee Table Book to entertain guests and family members in between festivities? If so, you should pick up Evelyn Cameron: Montana's Frontier Photographer with text by Kristi Hager. Born in 1868 to a wealthy British family, Evelyn Cameron traded privilege for adventure, the lush English countryside for the eastern Montana badlands, a lavish estate for a tiny homestead shack. In 1894 at the age of 26, Evelyn turned to the burgeoning art of glass-plate photography as a way to support the Camerons' struggling horse ranch, producing some of the most remarkable images of pioneer life ever seen. This 120-page book features 117 of the finest and most fascinating images by this adventurer, homesteader, ranch-woman and great American photographer. It won the Montana Honor Book award in 2007. Make this your next Coffee Table Book and let your inner-photographer enjoy this feast for the eyes. 

Evelyn Cameron was a photographer and a pioneer from the late 1800's. She documented her frontier expedition using photography as she was apart of the earlier settles of Eastern Montana. Her work shows wild animals like wolves and coyotes, hard work and hardships of the early pioneer expeditions and the homesteading she was a part of. This book is a great way to experience the early 1900s in America because of how much she captured and documented her experience. We love Evelyn Cameron!