Farm Animal Warmies by Intelex USA (12 styles)


SKU: 73768


  • Farm Animals - 13" inches tall
  • Junior Farm Animals - 9" inches tall
  • Scented with Real Lavander
  • Safely Warm in the Microwave or Chill in the Freezer

These adorable farm animals, ranging from fluffy sheep to gentle cows, are designed to provide a cozy and soothing experience. With the ability to be heated or cooled, they become versatile allies in maintaining your ideal temperature. Whether you're seeking a warm embrace on a chilly evening or a refreshing touch during the sweltering heat, Warmies Farm Animals have you covered. Their irresistibly soft textures make them perfect for snuggling, while their thermal capabilities ensure that you feel just right, no matter the weather. 

Warmies, a company established in 1995, is well-known for producing high-quality plush animals. These unique stuffed animals use a combination of warmth, weight, and scent to offer an overall comforting sensory experience. Each and every Warmies product is scented with Real French Lavender, which has been carefully sourced from local growers in Provence! Here at Montana Gift Corral, we all love our Warmies! Find your favorite farm animal friend and take them home! We know you will adore them just as much as we do!