Fir Needle Sea Salt Scrub by Bedrock Tree Farm


SKU: 80106


  • Made in the USA
  • 6 oz.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Fir Oil, Fir Needles and Chromium Oxide

We think this Fir Needle Sea Salt Scrub is an all-around great product to have on hand...and feet! All jokes aside, we love this salt scrub. It smells just like a fir tree forrest and is full of high quality ingredients. Not only is it good for exfoliating hands and feet, but it's also really great as a cleaner for scummy surfaces like the sink or cutting boards. It leaves behind the most refreshing aroma because of its fresh fir powder made from the needles of Bedrock Tree Farm. 

Bedrock Tree Farm is a small sustainable company located in Wakefield, Rhode Island. They raise all of their fir trees organically, without chemicals. Instead, they use natural solutions to their problems. To prevent an overgrowth of weeds, they plant clover amongst their trees. For sustainable energy, they support their farm with solar panels and all of their fir needles come from branches that fall from their trees. They are low waste and high quality and we are in love with Bedrock Tree Farm.