Flat Wide Cherry Secret Box by Heartwood Creations (10 Designs)


SKU: 84077


  • 10 Wildlife and Nature-Inspired Designs
  • Measures Approx. 2' L
  • Hand-Carved Box

Carved with care and inspired by nature, our Flat Wide Cherry Secret Box by Heartwood Creations is perfect for storing small essentials such as clothing pins, paper clips, and more. With 10 unique wildlife designs to choose from, these hand-crafted rustic wood boxes measure approximately 2 feet in length. Embrace the beauty of nature with this one-of-a-kind secret box storage solution!

Since 1978, Heartwood Creations has been crafting beautiful, high-quality wooden boxes suitable for any occasion. Whether you need a box for your medication or something to store small tools and keepsakes, these customized secret boxes are the ideal choice. Find more designs from this unique company here!