Forest and Light Grey Trout T-Shirt by Peaks and Prairie


SKU: 74078


  • Cotton/Poly Blend
  • Unisex Fit
  • Montana Inspired 

We love this Forest and Light Grey Trout T-Shirt. The quality of the material used to make this shirt is so soft and comfortable. It is also light weight and breathable, which makes it the perfect shirt to wear under the heat or underneath layers for when it is cold. The graphic on this shirt is simple yet stunning, with a trout outline that shows a mountain scape inside. It captures the essence of our fish filled landscapes here in Montana. 

When you shop with Peaks and Prairie, your are shopping small and local - operating out of Whitefish, Montana. The folks with Peaks and Prairie love the outdoors, whether it is hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, they are all about getting out there. Their products are heavily influenced by the great Montana outdoors, each item has a niche activity it is geared towards. This shirt is for those who love the running rivers and streams that house our prized catch, the trout. Your day on the river just got a lot better with this shirt.