Fry Bread Mix by Huckleberry People


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  • This product contains gluten
  • Net weight 1 lb
  • This product contains wheat and milk

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If you've never tried fry bread, you are missing out! With this delicious just-add-water Fry Bread Mix by Huckleberry People, you can be frying up this treat in a skillet in minutes! Fry bread has rich origins in Native American history. It serves as a reminder of generations gone by and the deep pain and struggles the Native American people suffered at the hands of American pioneers. 

Often a staple in festivals, celebrations and pow wows, fry bread is a popular treat across the west. Though fry bread has its origins in the US government rations administered to Native Americans after systematically destroying their food supply and way of life, fry bread has been reclaimed by Indigenous Peoples across North America. Huckleberry People looks to honor that tradition with this easy-to-make mix at home. By selling the popular dish, they are also able to educate people on its history and what it means to the journey of Native American peoples. So educate yourself and enjoy a delicious treat made at home with this Fry Bread Mix by Huckleberry People.