Glacier Canvas Magnet by Sunnie Lane


SKU: 81712


  • Approx. 3"x5"
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of canvas

If you have ever seen Glacier National Park, you would know just how much it takes your breath away. Keeping that memory with you can be tricky unless you have a photographic memory, but having something that reminds you of your time there can help you remember it better! The Glacier Canvas Magnet by Sunnie Lane is the perfect example of a stunning yet simple souvenir that is sure to jog any memory! Put this magnet in any camper, RV, or mini-fridge for some good ol' Montana flair!

Sunnie Lane was started by a grandmother with a passion for pressing flowers and crafting bookmarks out of them. Eventually their grandkids decided to sell these bookmarks and soon enough business boomed! After growing flowers in Arizona and Utah to supply their creations and provide real flower made products in gift shops, museums and other independent stores just had to get their hands on these great magnets. We just had to get our hands on them too because we know you will love them!

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