Glass Canister by Match 1995 (5 sizes)


Brand: Match 1995
SKU: 83321


  • Crafted from Luxury Pewter and Glass
  • Available in Sizes XS-XL
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • This piece is available for dropship! Send an email to if this is out of stock and you wish to order! 

Introducing the luxury Glass Canister by Match 1995, a versatile addition to any home. Handcrafted with premium pewter and glass, these canisters are dishwasher safe and come in 5 sizes. This glass canister with lid is simply perfect for storing a variety of items, from bath essentials to kitchen goods, or for creating a stylish display!

Pewter, a prized material with Egyptian origins, is crafted from a refined combination of tin, copper, and antimony. Experience the unparalleled luxury of Match 1995's lead-free 95% tin pewter, ranked among the most exclusive metals, just below platinum, gold, and silver. With minimal upkeep and dishwasher-safe qualities, a light polish once in a while will ensure its pristine condition. Elevate your home with the sophisticated and timeless elegance of Match 1995's luxury goods.

Indulge in the sophistication of Match Pewter Products through the ease of dropshipping. Whether the product is currently available on our online store or not, you can have any of our luxurious Match Pewter items conveniently delivered to your home. Just contact us at and we will handle all of the arrangements for you!