Gnome Be Gone Desk Fisherman Cardholder by Fred Conlon

$64.99 $51.99

Brand: Sugarpost
SKU: 70279


  • Approx. 7.5"x 6"x 3.5"
  • Approx. 1lb
  • End of the fishing line is magnetic
  • Hand-crafted from recycled metal so products may vary
  • Designed to rust with age

Making sure people get your business card is an incredibly important part of any business. With the Gnome Be Gone Desk Fisherman, you will be sure to catch the eye of everyone who walks into your office. This adorable little monster has the perfect resting place for all of your business cards. The Desk Fisherman also has a magnet at the tip of his fishing line, so not only can he hold your business cards, he can hold paper clips too! Sweet and supportive, the Desk Fisherman is the ideal deskmate for anyone looking to get organized and get out there!

Sugarpost is the brainchild of artist Fred Conlon. Fred opened a pottery shop in 1998 with his family’s support. However, in 1999 he made a metallic turtle helmet and fell in love with metalworking. Now Sugarpost Metal is a growing and adorable line of monsters meant to spruce up your office and garden space. Made from recycled material from around the world, Fred is excited to send his monsters home with you wherever you are.